you you you it's all about you guys

sincerely written by me on 29/11/09
11.28 AM

can't you see?
can't you feel?
blinded by this hypocrisy
can't you tell?

i'm simply sad about this.
leaving me behind with our joyful memories.
leaving you.

everyday everynight.
i wish that the times we spent together
can be repeated.
so that
i will used all the times better.
I will see you much more often,
I will appreciate you more and more,
as a friend.

everyday everynight.
i wish that the time i will be moving to another house
will be much faster.
this place held me
with such memories.
I can't barely breathe
stuck with the moments
how I see you guys and me..
playing laughing doing things we love together.
it is such a pain
to let it go..
my memory land.

whenever i see my school.
whenever i see my books.
whenever i see Surau Alhidayah
even whenever i see my pensil case..

its you who i remembered.
It's all about you.

can't you tell now?
how I wish that i can go back to school.
go to our class Arab
laughing out loud
learning something new
with the dearly friend that is you.

can't you tell..?

i love you friends...!
having you as a part of my life
is the greatest thing Allah had given me for now.

may Allah bless us,
and to dearly someone who will going to bit farewell soon.
to another country
don't forget me n our friends here.
i will always m
issed you.
and thanks for everything.

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