Words teach me. really well

You may not know it. Since when I became such poetry person.
I didn't realize it myself too.

Maybe I learned it. As when you feel deep-lonely within yourself.. you held the feelings too long. you realize that you are expressing to no other else than to your own-self. Its like you watch the rains fall from the white sky.. and .. pressing the ground leaving a small translucent spark. in such a long hours. times feels so slow.. THAT TIME, all the feelings that were bottled inside you, flows with the motion of the rains. The memories.. the laughing.. the crying.. its like generating in a flash across your mind. Haa, that's when you know. you had this kind of person inside of you.


I like watching the clouds. They are the silent-movers. Its like they don't want you to know that they are actually moving. Interesting~ and the clouds sometimes are funny, they might resembles picture that are familiar to us. Lollipop, faces, foods.. n others~. Someone told me, if you look up at the sky after falling down, failing yourself.. still you would see, the blue sky will always remain.. stretching endlessly and smiling at you.. Its like nothing had changed. Your failure won't affect the skies even a little, it won't,. Still, you would be looking to the same clouds and the same blue sky you see everyday. From the day your eyes opened to see the world. Until the end of you days.. The sky will always be the same. Its you who kept on changing and growing. Then WHY do you feel like a Loser?! WHY do you feel such at loss?! LOOK AT THE SKY! The sky shows nothing. The sky smiles at you like everyday. Then, why don't you try take a step forward and START a new beginning :D

The thing around us. They satisfies us with their bright colours.. they soften our hearts and sights with their endless presence. Thanks guys

I like to feel the warmth of the wind. They sent a warm message from the hot day but the speed they have within, turns the warmth to a cool blow . A relief sensation. Do you know that the wind works in such great arts? They do not move in straight lines. They move up and down like the waves. Just try blow a balloon and let the wind carries it. You will be shock to find that the wind works in such a beautiful and harmony lines. The warmth of the wind, tells a great lesson. The wind may not be able to change the climates from hot sunny day to a cloudy rainy day. But the wind helps to reduce the hotness of our days. They came during the hot, and also they came during the rains. The wind in the rainy days make you feel a lot refreshing~
Its like the winds remind us to be a good friend. during the hardship of our friends, why don't we try to help solves the problems. we may not be able to change the fate, the results, but let's try reducing the pain they had or be a pain-killer. and of course, During the happy days, why not enjoys the time together. Just like the winds~

I like looking at Sawah and Green leaves. They give you this fresh feeling.

THE THING IS ; you may not know it. But, how you express your feelings in your words.. change everything. They way you express it, the tone you use it.. how you see the thing is.. in your sight,
can change a person's heart.

the massages over here. change me. change the way I thought they are not realizing how i feels. But actually they do care. THEY LOVES my heart.

Zawin Najah Asri commented on her Wall post.
Zawin Najah wrote:

:') *speechless. you're always there and give me wise words that I'll never forget. all the best ijah. iloveyoutilljannah and I will always will ♥"

Nur Farhana posted on your Wall:

Heee (:
Mcm mne nk ckp ek .
Well , i found many people dah .
And yet no one like you .
Annoying but somehow very caring .
Bile buat bnde bodo, of cos rse bodoh but no regrets .
Those sweet memories, we shared and never will be replaced .
I love you andtake care okey (:
3 months is nothing la .
U will meet with great people.
Jeles si
kit lah act ,
Bye :'(

Najihah Hassan commented on her Wall post.
Najihah wrote:

kte ingt semo tu fuza. kte ingt kte malu2 kt lorong rumah kte waktu first2 knal. haha. insyaAllah, fuzah ttp di ati jiha :) sme smo dgn pcg len. t8 care keyh, moga dpt mnimba pnglmn brmkna. ukhwah fillah!

Natasha Dominas posted on your Wall.
terima kasih :) heee kau dappat jugak kan? ngeee muah muah

its really from my heart. this time

i don't really know whats getting on to me these days.. i just really don't. i can't explain how i feel. writing about these feeling are totally different than feeling and enduring it.

am I changed?

i know that people changed as time moves on.. its nature.
Is it nature too.. disliking the changes that i see in front of me.

years ago. i see the things that really makes me happy.
when i was small, even though things aren't like today, and my family are not this affordable.
i'm grateful and happy as I was. We spent our luxuries times together. Its like everyday was a family day to me.

I was happy till then, I had to move on to a boarding school. Before, I used to chat around with friends talking about just everything. LIFE.

we talked on the phone almost everyday and sometimes I exceeded my bills on the phone. I remembered how we once had called upon 1 or 2 hours non-stopped. Its really was crazy thing to do.

I remembered how we used to study together, giggle almost about anything, we were such somebody in the school, we act and perform sketch, we excel together. and i just hate to break apart when the news about the boarding school reached to their knowledge.

only Allah knows, how I felt leaving those I love behind.
Its hard to cry in front of those you are not use to.
Its hard to express your feelings when you really hate their acts towards you.
Its really hard to endure the annoyance of their existence. they try to break the shells between both of you, but did not seems to work much.
Its hard, Its really hard.
when your heart has already been placed with the one you loves. and suddenly there are strangers who want to come and be a part of you.
Its really hard to say that you already have your friends, who would stick on you know matter what. Its just that they are not meant to be here momentarily.

I manage to endure it almost 1 year.

But time heals. i do not how to put it. The terms HEALS do not match. Time had open my hearts to give places to all the strangers I met.
Many of them had thought the things that i could never learn anywhere else.
They were with me the whole time I was hurt deeply, and the times when I was feeling on top of the world.

Time sucks. It heals me on my relationship with new friends. with new bestfriends.
but times limits my relation with my family and my hometown-friends.

WHEN the time has come for me to turn back to where I belong. I could not regain any use being with my LOVES.
I really feels strange talking a lot. sometimes I held it in my heart. Maybe, i used to hold it in my heart in such a long term. it got stuck. It cannot be properly uttered.
Whenever my mouth starts to talk loud and fast.. it always had been the story of the strangers who wins my heart in the schools. The teachers, the students, the prefects, the naqibahs.
I know they are bored to hear those silly stories. But i would never be bored. Its my memory. My sweet and sour memory. The heros and heroins may have changed. The chapter may sounds different. But the place I had it securely put is the same . In my HEART. How on earth would I have any other memories than these. How will I be able to talk on something else other than schools when my time had been used 24/7 the whole time with my friends and teachers? What do they aspect? I would talk about them?

I was in dilemma. I could not chose where to start. The strangers. They may have place far away in my sight. different states. but they always have the same attitude and the same loves to me. It may have been awhile since we are laughing and talking together in school. But it felt just like yesterday knowing them. and accepting them in my life.

This really shows how times flies really fast that I could not realize how I had changed.

TODAY; no more calling I received. nor I made. We can only utters the word MISS but never express it in our acts. We really hardly met. even the distance was just meters away.

Fate never struck on our site. I sometimes lost words to say things. I do not know what stories should I be telling. I do not what chapter in my life should I be bring as the topic.
Things really do have changed.
I believe deeply in my heart. The love is always there. It just had been held too long that it got rust and hardly shines.
They may have thinks that I remembered the old chapters and held it as a based-on. They may have thinks that I like the same person I used to. They may have thinks that I was the same Korean-addict girl. Oh just if they could see how I matured. How I had changed for betters. I'm not that one I used to be. I left everything behind. Cause they did not help me to be any better. I'm a new, a whole lot new person from before. Take a look, and you'll know it for sure.

JUST wait guys I polished every memory we had. I will.
Do not leave me. do not throw me away in your life. I mean it for real . I hope the word friends and family is still there for me.

HERE I AM in Langkawi;

Ceritenye bermula saat kami menjejakkan kaki ke dalam feri. Saat itulah segala-galanya yg kite rase best x smuanye akan menjadi best.

Mase tuh, masuk dlm feri, kerana keterlaluan ramai.. kami terpakse masuk ke dalam bahagian bawah. BAWAH? Apakah maksud bawah nih..

So sbb kan pengetahuan yg cetek. * AKU LA NIH* assume yg bawah tu kat bahagian yg masuk feri trus duduk. X perlu naik anak tangga.

Sekali tuh masuk2 die kate.. hah yg kat bawah nun. Mmg bawah derr, kat bahagian yg korg mmg x kan dpt nmpak laut. HARUharu

AT The jetty point. So okay sket la sbb smpai ade pakcik tuh offer nek van LANGKAWI ann. Buleh la~ Pasal aku memang BENCI bab tunggu tunggu nih. Ade 1 time kat INDONESIA, aku kene tunggu ape tak ingat, tpi mmg kene tunggu lah mse tu, tetibe badan aku panas dn muke pucat. Nafas turun naik sbb aku x tahan nunggu lelame nih. Mmg x buleh. Smpai mak aku kene carik air. Beli air manismanis kasik hilang pucat. HEHE

Pastu pakcik tuh trus drop kitorang kt Hotel = MYHOTEL.

1 thing yg korang kene tahu pasal MYHOTEL nih ; mmg bagus. Sbb pengurus dy nih kawan ustz asri. So, bile time2 nk dkt Maghrib, nnti die pasang bacaan Al-Quran. WOW, x pernah dgr kan hotel buka bacaan Al-Quran? Eh, ni bukan dekat lobi taw. Ni dekat laluan nk pergi bilik hotel. Hebat kan?

Pastuh gi la jejalan. Ntah aku x brape minat jejalan nih. Pasal sume org dlm kepala ade bende nk beli. While me, I only want to have a nice breath-taking views.* BETUL, x TIPU * Hari tu aku ikut abi ngan momad pasal x suke tunggu umi beli barang lelame. Sekali tuh aku nengok abi ngan momad pun same. Masuk kedai adidas. Tgk2 kasut. Amek gamba. Keluar kedai. pastuh masuk al-ikhsan. Tgk2 kasut. Tnye2 harga. Keluar. Aku pun naik bosan sebab ye lah.. buat ape nk beli kasut sukan mahal2 kat umah tu okay je aku tgk kasut sukan diorang. Bukannye masuk wakil negara pun. X paham btul.


Umi nak beli pinggan-mangkuk kat kedai Haji Ismail Group . Pasal abi ngan momad x join umi. Diorang pergi kedai Al-Ikhsan . Jadi tinggallah aku, opah ngan umi. Perghh.. tunggu umi beli memang lame dan x best langsung. Aku dok tgk org ramai mcm x pernah tgk pinggan mangkuk dan ramai gile yang beli dgn rakus. Dgn buat muke yg berkerut2 x tahan tunggu lelame, umi pun suruh la aku ajak opah tgk chocolate.. so kitorang pun gerak le ke tempat chocolate. Mmg murah la sume chocolate. Murah tu dalam RM 1 dn beberape sen je.. bukannye murah tang 50% ke 70% ke. Tapi orangorang yang beli tu nmpaknye rase chocolate tuh murah mcm 80%, 100%, jadi aku tgk diorang amek chocolate Hersheys , Cadbury, Toblerone, Daim mcm hape je. Mcm “hey, murah gile jom beli semua,” aku buleh terima la kalau kate dirog beli borong utk perniagaan. Tapi diorg amek mmg banyak gile.. yg x leh tahan tu budak2 kecik yg amek. Hersheys yg mahal tu pun x cukup 3 paket kalau buleh nk 5, 6, 7 paket. Ni memang utk stok setahun aku rase.

Mungkin diorang nak sedekahkan kat anak cucu kot. Entah~

Then, habis kat situ. Aku ngan opah tunggu la kat krusi yg dibina dihadapan kedai tuh. Nak duduk kerusi tu pun susah. Asyik penuh je sebab ramai orang sesangat. Tunggula depan kereta sewa kami. Umi kate momad ngan abi tgh bayar kat kaunter a-ikhsan jadi diorang on the way kemari lah tu. So aku pun memakse-rela la nk duduk kat situ. Sebab tmpat tu mmg suci habes lah. Sekali tu mase mate tgh merewang ke mane hala… tetibe aku nmpak ade seekor tikus merayap kat tmpat tidak jauh dr tmpat aku ngan opah duduk. Nak je aku menjerit ala-ala tarzan sebab gile cuak. Aku da lame x tgk tikus. Tpi disebabkan suasana, dn tmpat duduk yg strategic kat dpn kdai bsr tuh.. x nak la buat drama malu opah aku. So calm down sowang2 mmg aku nak nangis. Aku pun senyap2 je la. Takut kalau bg tau opah. Opah pulak yang jerit. HEHE



Aku dah lame tau tpi x pasti sebelumnih. Sekarang baru aku pasti gile2. Aku sangat suke hidupan air~ aku sangat suke semuanye yang berkaitan dengan air.. suke laut. Suke air. Suke creature under water juge. Kadang2 aku rase teringin nak jadi MARINE ke, kerje2 kat laut~ oh bestnyee,, rase ombak. Naik bot ke… jadi nelayan. OH YA! Sejak dari kecik, aku memang suke memancing.. dalam keluarga aku x de sorang pun yang suke memancing. Sbb bosan. 1 time, aku pakse ayah aku bawak pergi memancing. Taun lepas kot, pastuh ayah aku bawak aku ke tmpat memancing. Semuanye lelaki.. HUuuh~

Aku ingat lagi. Tempat tuh mmg bosan sbb x de panorama langsung. Aku ingatkan ayah aku nak bawak pergi tepi pantai ke, pergi sungai ke.. hehe * kat SG BULOH mne de laut *

Pastu ayah aku bisik, “ Ni ikan dalam nih entah ade entah x . Diorang suwoh kite sewa pancing diorang pastu tunggu sini lame2 tpi tgk2 x de ikan. Entah ape je.. tmpat solat diorang pun x bagus. “

Kate2 ayah aku tuh buat aku terpikir. Ni diorang tunggu lelame ni dah solat ke belum. Tmpat solat die SUBHANALLAH mmg teruk. Jadi aku pun ajaklah ayah aku balik. Menghampakan tmpat tuh. Mse balik tu aku tertanye lagi. Ni diorang yg memancing nih x de life ke? Dok tunggu sesuatu yg x pasti. X de usaha. Hanye menunggu. Aku boleh terime kalau diroang memancing for fun atau sajesaje. Tapi orang tuh kate diorang ni regular customer. Gile x gile. Aku x de plak nampak sesape yg pancing die umpan die trjerat ke. Ish3 Belia2 zaman sekarang ni. Mengecewakan.

HEH berbalik kepada cerite kite.

Then kat UNDERWATER WORLD ni.. mmg best sgt! Sebab dpt tgk ikanikan yg pelbagai species. Aku tgk muke ikan pari sgt comel. Ade hidung * x pasti lah, tpi aku rase tu hidung die*

Mmg best. Aku tgk penguin, starfish, obor2. Wah aku sgt suke obor2. Fascinating gile. Mcm x terbayang, dah le obor2 tu 85% contains liquid. Bygkan dlm badan die ade air. Die dbuat dr air juge dn brgerak dlm air. Mcm air dlm air. Entah rse best bunyi die. Bile tgk obor2 aku rse mcm nk sentuh je.. rse lembut sgt. Tpi bahaya kan? Then tgk kude laut. Kude laut nih Subhanallah mmg pemalu haiwannye. Siap nyorok kat balik tiang. Bile tgk kude laut yg pemalu tu aku mcm nk jerit jee “Kude laut pun tau malu weyh!” HAHA Mmg best.. :D

Habis kat situ kitorang gi cable car. Tpi x leh naik sbb angin kencang. Jadi mmg x bukak. So a bit disappointment lah pasal dtg jauh2 tpi x dpt nek cable car. Tpi tntunye ade hikmah x dpt nek kan. So x kesah sgt la..


Nak naik jet ski. Aku drive. HAHA * kene ade lessen ke?*

Nak bagi makan kat eagle.

Nak scuba-diving . Nak swimming. Nak masuk dlm laut!

Nak nek CABLE CAR!!

Nak nek bot gi jalan2. Kayak ke.. ape2 aktiviti berasaskan air~

Nak SPA IKAN yg letak kaki kt dlm air nnti ikan kerumun gigitgigit *seram je bunyi*



Ade kenalan abi ajak makan kat restoranr 5 star die. RESTORAN ARAB tau!. Die ni bakal-relative baru aku pasal mak su aku nak nikah 23 jan ni ngan adik die kot. Gitulah mcm ade bau2 bacang sket.

So beliau as the owner of tmpat hebad tu ajak kami makan kat situ. BEST!

Alhamdulillah ramai orang arab pakai jubbah, makan kt situ. Suke tgk suasana cam tu. Aku ngan adik ape lagi kitorang chow amek gamba sbb x mo la dgr hal2 orang dewase ni. Tpi lupe nak bawah opah.

Oh ya, kitorang makan ngan family pakcik lg sorang. Owner die pun makan besar ngan family die. Mse makan tu. Aku ngan adik aku dok bebual tgk akuarium besar dpn kitorang. Lgu arab tgh pasang. Kitorang men2 la cakap ade seekor ikan putih yg dr td menyepi sowing kt hujung akuarium tuh sbg penyanyi die. *pasal lagu arab tu penyanyi die nyanyi cukup mendayu2* kitorang konon2nye assume yg die nyanyi lgu sedih “korang.. kenape x nak kawan ngan aku..” kat sume ikan2 lain. Pastu aku ngan adik ketawa la.. psal kitorang rase kelaka gile. Tetibe pakcik ni cakap. Oh yg ni name die.. *x ingat* die tujukan kat sorang budak lelaki. Depan aku, abi. Tepi abi budak lelaki tu. Kire aku scre x lngsung menghadap die lah sket. RUPENYE die sebaya aku. Dan die budak sekolah agama. Mmg aku malu habis dah la tgh makan nasi arab. Mcm nk tkluar dging kambing yg aku kunyah. Aku pun senyum je la kat pakcik tu. Pastu mase nk amek kebab, die tolak pinggan tu bg aku. Aku x de la nk pandang muke die. X berani laa. Tapi perbuatan die menolak pinggan tu.. Perghh mcam perli aku je. Aku terus jadi pendiam. Huh, kacau betul. Baru nak rse best sbb makan arab kt restoran mahal ann.. alahai aku kunyah pelan2 . adik aku cakap pasal ikan.. pun dh x dengar daa. Malu la.. dah la td aku dok bising2 pasal ikan ngan adik aku. Gelak2. Ingatkan budak tu lg mude dr aku~

HABIS PERJALANAN ke LAngkawi kitorang pergi pulak ke PENANG. Menzirah sedare-mare. First stop mase tuh kat umah Tok lang pastuh tidur semalaman then ke rumah Tok Ngah kot.

Mase sampai tu aku dok malas2 kat kerusi sofa die. Ayah aku cakap “ Jah, bangun la.. meh minum air” Aku terus baring melunjur. Td duduk je sekarang amek ko terus baring. HAHA

Aku buat muke ngantuk dn balas “ emm..” dalam erti kata lain maksudnye ; oh malas. lain kali ye~

Pastu x ingat ape yg ayah aku cakap lagi lepas tuh.. aku balas “emm,..” jugak.

Last skali aku ingat ayah aku bebel dn bunyi mcam “ Nih tlg ajar ngaji adik nih.” Hah, trus bangun.

Aku terkejut. Aikk pukul brape aku rse baru pukul 11 pagi time tuh. Tapi pasal adik tuh comel gile aku pun terus bangun pergi kat adik tuh. Aku ajar die Muqaddam.

Ingat lagi mase kelas hafazan baru2 nih. Kat surau al-Hidayah. Aku ajar adik2 grup aku tuh care nak hafaz Al-Quran. Jadi aku pun gunekan la care yang same. Budak tuh bru umo 6 tahun. Die cakap utara. Longat utara memang kuat. Aku ajar die cenggini. “Adik ni huruf ape?” die jawab pelan “Sin “Sin baras atas ape, sin baris bawah ape sin baris depan ape?” Bla..bla..bla..pastu die asyik lupe huruf Dhod yg mane. So aku pakse die ulang Dhod banyak kali. “Dhod Dhod Dhod Dhod Dhod Dhod Dhod Dhod” LAJULAJU haha. Bru bunyi die sedap.

Budak tuh memang pandai. 6 tahun lgi dh pandai~ WOW * tersentuh* Aku ingat aku belajar Quran ngan Najihah kt skolah agama drjah 2 kot.

Pastu aku tgk die terkial2 kt certain huruf so aku gunekan la method aku. “Ni.. kan baris atas an. Cube adik tgk huruf ni, baris atas jugak an? Bcaan die –AN, mcm lgu doraemon tu.. AN AN AN. So kalau huruf Mim baras atas die jadilah MAN. so kalau huruf Lam jadi lah?”

Aku rase die x paham bahase aku. HAHA sbb aku cakap laju gile. PAstuh aku mintak maap kat die. Dn ajar slow2. Aku serius x pernah ajar dak kechik. Tpi teringin gile!! Tringin nak jd ustazah kt sekolah rendah ke cikgu kt sekolah tadika ke.. HUHU why PLKN!!

Habis tuh kitorg gi la umah sedare mare y glen. pemandangan SAWAH! Sgt cantek. Indah SUBHANALLAH!

Oh ya. Kitorg ade singgah satu tempat tuh.. KENDURI

Haha ade satu crite menarik.

Actually aku mogok sejak beberape hari ni. Psal dah lame x kuar shopping beli baju. Hari-hari aku dok pakai baju samura ; Baju kelas, baju dorm, baju tee naqibah, baju pengantarabangsaan ke Jakarta hari tuh ade 2. Warne oren dn biru. Tiap2 hari aku pakai baju2 nih.

So mase pagi habis balik langkawi tuh. aku pakai la tee warne oren yg pengantarabangsaan punye baju. Dgn sluar track. Tudung pulak kaler pink. Hah memang mogok. Sume x match. 1 way utk menyampaikan pesanan “ dah x de baju. Jom beli baju. Dn x nak gi jalan2 sbb bju x match”

Haha. Sekali tuh pergi kenduri mak aihh. Aku memang nak nangis. Opah aku pakai baju kurung memang kene la. Aku lak pakai bju tshirt ngan sluar track ngan tudur pink. Carik pasal lagi.

Msuk knduri sume pandang. Aku dh tunduk malu. First time aku buat kerje gile x pakai jubah & baju kurung. Pastuh sluar track tuh dh la mse ade SICSEF dulu ( samura international sports and educational festival ) aku masuk explorace ngan orang2 indon ngan brunei kat padang skolah. Mse lari2 dulu aku trjatuh. Sluar aku koyak kat lutut. Pastuh lame2 lepas tuh. Sluar track aku yg len asyik hilang kene kebas yg pencuri2 haram kt asrama. Last2 tinggal sluar tuh. Jd aku pun jahit la cikai2 kasik tutup lubang buat syarat cukup lah. Lupe lak nk cakap umi sruh beli sluar len. Jadi tu je lah sluar track aku. Haha itu lah pun sluar aku yg aku pakai gi kenduri.

Mse dok kat krusi puas aku tutp kesan jahit2 kt belah kiri ngan kanan. Memang memalukan. Sebab x tahan lame *penat pegang lutut*.. mase umi ajak makan, aku x jawab. Buat muke nak nangis dn blah ngan adik aku keluar. FIRST TIME aku cabut lari dari kenduri. Kitorg gi jalan2 amek gamba ke hutan2 dn ladang pokok getah mane tah. Tpi mmg sengsare lah td.

Actually dlm beg aku ade je jubah coklat. Tpi pasal mogok punye pasal. Kene lah berkorban kan.. Hah padan la muke aku! Aku pun takut nak bagi tau umi. Takut nnti umi bebel hehe.. jadi aku tahan malu lah sowang2.

Habis kenduri aku pun saje la cakap dlm krete “ Umi sajekan nk bg ijah malu..” pastuh ayah aku balas “ Ha’ah Jah td abi tgk diorg sume pandang ijah.” Memang ayah aku suke mengapi-apikan.

KESIMPULANNYA ; sebenarnya aku sangat suke percutian kali ini. Memori terindah aku. Thanks umi abi~

Kei - only human ( 1 litre of tears OST )

On the opposite coast of sadness
is something called a smile

On the opposite coast of sadness
is something called a smile
But before we can go there,
is there something we’re waiting for?

In order to chase our dreams, we can’t have a reason to run away
We’ve got to go, to that far away summer’s day

If we find it tomorrow, we can’t sigh
Because like a boat that opposes the stream
we have to walk straight on

In a place worn down by sadness
something called a miracle, is waiting
Yet we are still searching
for the sunflower that grows at the end of spring

The warrior who awaits the morning light
before he can clasp it with red nails, his tears glitter and fall

Even if we’ve grown used to loneliness
only relying on the light of the moon
We have to fly away with featherless wing
just go forward, just a little further

As the rainclouds break
the wet streets sparkling
Although it brings only darkness
A powerful, powerful light
helps push us to walk on

saat saat indah itu

mengikut perangkaan statistik yg dibuat oleh pihak polis pada tahun 1998- 2003 hampir 70%
kes penculikan kanak-kanak sering berlaku di TAMAN PERMAINAN yg kosong dn sunyi.
(kesahihan fakta ini dicurigai)

Terimakasih tidak trhingga kpd ZawinNajah, NatashaAdila, RasyidahLiyana, NurFarhana dn SyaheeraRosli sbb tingglkn Fuzah 2 KALI di taman prmainan yg kosong dn sunyi semalam.

Terimakasih daun keladi.

kisah bermula

petang tuh adalah petang yg mmbosankan. cuti seminggu tapi lgsung x brpeluang brjmpe dgn shbt2.
fuzah mule mencipta lgkah kecil..
mndptkn handphone i-phone yg abi tingglkan. abi hri ni flight ke jakarta urusan kerja.
tingglkn fuzah, umi n momad.
last week mse hari jumaat bru balik asrama..
malam tuh..
entah pkol brape sbb x prasan. rumah dicerobohi orang.
13 buah rumah di deretan rumah fuzah @ bukit saujana SBCR dirompak.
smua pagar belakang dh lompong sbhgian sbb dimasuki prompak.
tpi yg brjaya die masok 3 sahaja.
trmasuk laa rumah FUZAH! trokk btul~~
org tuh mujurlah x nek smpai atas rumah. die curik brang2 kt bawah. my mum's laptop (2) dahla hak kerajaan lak tuh..
laptop apple yg beshh tuh pon die amek same.
abinye laptop 1.
kamera Sony DSLR yg abi slalu bwk buat interview n kerja2 abi die amek,
beg kamera yg mngdungi recorder mahal tuh.. video cam yg bawak pergi australia ngan abg fuzah ( huh.. x smpat tgk ponn)
sume CDs, Memory card, handbag umi yg ade simcard phone fuzah. meheeh~
dn byk lg..

mmg kejamm org tuh. tros jd phobia nk kuar rumah

back to my story, lgkah yg trcipta td brakhir stlah no rumah syedah didail.
fuhh ingat nk video call. lupe lakk tepon rumah
"salamualaik syedah!!"
"JIHA!! Awk kat mane ni!! kite rinduu awk.."

*suasana jd pelik*

"syedah!! dgr btol2. jihah pulakk..!"

"Ermm.. Fuzah ea??"
"Ye.. larrrr"


heh lame sgt ke x tepon umah syidah nih?? Insaf. Insaf

"syedah, jom kite kluar hari ini."


stelah di-komfem-kan btol2 tarikh dn di mane.
kami pon brsiap2.. mngikut perancangan, fuzah, syedah, farna ngan tasha akn brkumpul di surau. tasha amek fuzah pkai motor.

5.00 pm

fuzah x siap2 lg. cheh mcm biase dh jd habit lakk slalu siap pling akhir,
then, dh siap.. tasha pon smpai lewat jam 5.10. hati dh kencang dok fikir farna yg mcm vampire nk gigit2 owang.
okayy jom off..

smpai kt surau farna ngan tasha pergi nek motor duaorg amek si zawin.
yg pleknyerh zawin nk dok cemane ann nnti??
fuzah pon crite2 la ngan syedah. cerite hati ^-^
tibe2 dgr bunyi motor.. eak??? SYEERA?
syeera dtg.. nek motor utk amek kitorg. memang pelik
die swoh kitorg Ojus sape nk nek dulu. fuzah menang~~
kami pon gerak tingglkn syedah sowang2 kt surau. siann die.
pastu syeera bawak mmg super extreme lahh. kejap jln laju kejap benti tibe2.
takott gile
Alhamdulillah slamat jge smpai.. ke SU3?
kite sbnarnye nk gi mane nih?

syeera ckp nk gi taman ade titi.. then, syeera pon tingglkan fuzah kt taman ade titi tuh. katenye jap gi dyorg smpai.

kerana prcayakan siti.. eh, syeera.
fuzah pon dok la kat taman tuh. ade one family nih men2 gak kt situ. 10 minit lepas tuh, family tuh cepat1 bla. fuzah trkejutt
fuzah pon bla la.. x kn la nk dok situ sowang2 kott
jalan punye jalan punye jalan jmpe laa farna, awin n syeera.
tasha mse tuh amek syidah.
ktowang gi gerai makcik tuh beli air, karipap, mcm2 jajan..
( P/S ; jajan x elok utk kesihatan )

pastuh brjalan kaki mnuju ke taman ade titi.
tasha ngan syedah ponn smpai. kitowang men2 lah kt situ..
ade mkcik len gak kt situ ngan ank die kechik2
kitowang snap2 pic, mkn2, glak2 sbb x de lelaki..

jeng jeng jeng,,,,,,,,,,,,!

ade kelibat lelaki kurus pkai baju warne merah. mse tuh fuzah ngan awin men jongkang-jongkit ( kalau x salah, nme die mcm nih. hehee~)
awin pon ckp " utara utara"
fuzah automatik pndg depan. pastuh pikir balik.. utara mane eak? pndg la smua arah.
awin punye marah..
"Dey, x blaja geografi ke dulu tuh kt depan!!"
ktorg sume pandang depan
"ha'ah la.. sape tuh!!"

tibe tibe makcik tuh pun brsuara " tuh la.. ank dara x elok gelak kuat2 bukan ape, nnti diorg tuh kluar la.. mat2 endon tuh. diorg tuh ramai taw! dh2 balik balik"
kitorg cuakk giler..

pandangan org bju merah tuh sgt menakotkan.. die cube buat2 mcm x pndg kitorg, tpi die tgh pndang. die nyorok kt balik pkok2

kitorg pon pe lagi..
"dah2 tasha!!! on motor!!"
"fuzah lari dulu....!"
kitorg sume lariii..
tasha bwak syeera balik.

kitorg punye la cuak tahap gile.. jalan kt tmpat trbuke x de bangunan2 kosong. awin swoh pegang batu, sume pegang batu kt tgn.
mse jalan tuh kitowg smpat la.. crite2 balek
amek gamba, glak2 tpi prlahan.
tibe tibe disebalik phon2 tuh muncul 4 lelaki berbasikal mat2 endon gak. jerkah farna!
farna pndg blkang,,
kitorg sume lari mnjerit2
" Umiiiiiiiiiiiii......!!!"

pastuh tgk jam dh hampir kol 7.00 malam. Astaghfirullah
cepat2 nk masok maghrib dh ni..
melalui jalan beso yg byk kreta ( mcm highway) tuh kitorg istghfar je..
kerta2 hon. mmg takot giler lahh

Alhamdulillah nmpak dh masjid Saujana kt depan.
cross-road lpas tuh trus brjalan nk masok masjid
"Fuzah!! jom aku hantar kau balik!!"
Tasha jerit dr tmpat KFC.
"okey okey"

disebabkan jalan yg bgitu sesak ( org balek kerja )
trpaksa menanti hmpir 10 min utk cross read again.
mmg time tuh dh nk nanges..

momad call. iphone diangkat
"jah kunci rumahh.."

alamakk. kunci fuzah pegang. bantai je laa..
tasha bawa dgn lajunye..
kalah krete kat seblah. smpai rumah tgk umi dh balik.
hohoho habess lar

Umi x tnye ape2. umi cume cakap. dh puas jmpe kawan2?

"Tak snggup nk kuar jmpe dh"

cukup dn padat penuh pengertian. tasha dilambai dn crite berakhir~~

memang gile.

BGN & P?

what is that??!

memang. patut. dipersoal.
ye fuzah faham. kenapa diwujudkan bilik gerakan Naqibah dn Pengawas.
tapi kenapa harus dicampur pengawas dn naqibah?

wahai guru yang amat kami sayangi lagi hormati,
Naqibah dan Pengawas adalah 2 bidang berbeza.
fuzah tahu, sebab fuzah merasai kedua-duanya.

Naqibah sangat menyeluruh trutama dlm asrama.
kami mengawasi segala-gala hal.
kami menegur mana yang perlu.
pakaian, sahsiah, termasuklah rohaniah.
walhal pengawas, hanya berkaitan undang-undang sekolah.
Sebilangan kecil mereka yg melanggar.
mengapa kami harus bercampur?
mengapa kami harus terpisah dari dorm asal kami?

wahai guru, sudah setahun lebih kami adapt..
sudah setahun lebih kami bermesra dn berukhuwah.
bersama senior dn junior srta adik katil.
mengapa SEKARANG baru segala-galanya terhenti.

arahan guru mudah.
" Pulang SAMURA nnti 20 haribulan hari ahad, malam tuh kamu dah kene siap2 tidur di dorm baru yaa. saia dah tempah sume baru. locker, katil.."

apa makna semuanya ni?