Words teach me. really well

You may not know it. Since when I became such poetry person.
I didn't realize it myself too.

Maybe I learned it. As when you feel deep-lonely within yourself.. you held the feelings too long. you realize that you are expressing to no other else than to your own-self. Its like you watch the rains fall from the white sky.. and .. pressing the ground leaving a small translucent spark. in such a long hours. times feels so slow.. THAT TIME, all the feelings that were bottled inside you, flows with the motion of the rains. The memories.. the laughing.. the crying.. its like generating in a flash across your mind. Haa, that's when you know. you had this kind of person inside of you.


I like watching the clouds. They are the silent-movers. Its like they don't want you to know that they are actually moving. Interesting~ and the clouds sometimes are funny, they might resembles picture that are familiar to us. Lollipop, faces, foods.. n others~. Someone told me, if you look up at the sky after falling down, failing yourself.. still you would see, the blue sky will always remain.. stretching endlessly and smiling at you.. Its like nothing had changed. Your failure won't affect the skies even a little, it won't,. Still, you would be looking to the same clouds and the same blue sky you see everyday. From the day your eyes opened to see the world. Until the end of you days.. The sky will always be the same. Its you who kept on changing and growing. Then WHY do you feel like a Loser?! WHY do you feel such at loss?! LOOK AT THE SKY! The sky shows nothing. The sky smiles at you like everyday. Then, why don't you try take a step forward and START a new beginning :D

The thing around us. They satisfies us with their bright colours.. they soften our hearts and sights with their endless presence. Thanks guys

I like to feel the warmth of the wind. They sent a warm message from the hot day but the speed they have within, turns the warmth to a cool blow . A relief sensation. Do you know that the wind works in such great arts? They do not move in straight lines. They move up and down like the waves. Just try blow a balloon and let the wind carries it. You will be shock to find that the wind works in such a beautiful and harmony lines. The warmth of the wind, tells a great lesson. The wind may not be able to change the climates from hot sunny day to a cloudy rainy day. But the wind helps to reduce the hotness of our days. They came during the hot, and also they came during the rains. The wind in the rainy days make you feel a lot refreshing~
Its like the winds remind us to be a good friend. during the hardship of our friends, why don't we try to help solves the problems. we may not be able to change the fate, the results, but let's try reducing the pain they had or be a pain-killer. and of course, During the happy days, why not enjoys the time together. Just like the winds~

I like looking at Sawah and Green leaves. They give you this fresh feeling.

THE THING IS ; you may not know it. But, how you express your feelings in your words.. change everything. They way you express it, the tone you use it.. how you see the thing is.. in your sight,
can change a person's heart.

the massages over here. change me. change the way I thought they are not realizing how i feels. But actually they do care. THEY LOVES my heart.

Zawin Najah Asri commented on her Wall post.
Zawin Najah wrote:

:') *speechless. you're always there and give me wise words that I'll never forget. all the best ijah. iloveyoutilljannah and I will always will ♥"

Nur Farhana posted on your Wall:

Heee (:
Mcm mne nk ckp ek .
Well , i found many people dah .
And yet no one like you .
Annoying but somehow very caring .
Bile buat bnde bodo, of cos rse bodoh but no regrets .
Those sweet memories, we shared and never will be replaced .
I love you andtake care okey (:
3 months is nothing la .
U will meet with great people.
Jeles si
kit lah act ,
Bye :'(

Najihah Hassan commented on her Wall post.
Najihah wrote:

kte ingt semo tu fuza. kte ingt kte malu2 kt lorong rumah kte waktu first2 knal. haha. insyaAllah, fuzah ttp di ati jiha :) sme smo dgn pcg len. t8 care keyh, moga dpt mnimba pnglmn brmkna. ukhwah fillah!

Natasha Dominas posted on your Wall.
terima kasih :) heee kau dappat jugak kan? ngeee muah muah