Story telling time!

Hensel and Gretel Gone Wrong

Long, long, long and long ago. In a place name Enchanted, far, far away. Live a happy family with a mother, a father a sister and a brother. Right by the night of 11th August, a cute n beautiful baby was born!
WAIT!! that's not the story! ehmm.. let me check.. er.. no.. no.. AHA!
this is the real story..

There was a time when 2 girls named Farna and Awin


found something amazing in the cottage near the village. It was a cottage which had no owner. The cottage was made from


cookies and biscuits!

Inside it, was full of cakes & breads.

The 2 little girls were those who were fond of sweets. They entered the cottage & ate the sweets as many as possible. The 2 girls then, fall asleep for hours & woke up the next morning. They went straight to their home after eating one more time. They promised not to tell anyone about the sweet cottage.
Because of consuming too much sugar, the 2 little girls felt sick just after they reached home. Their mothers, Ms Rasyidah and Ms Mahfuzah were puzzled about what they had been eating or where they had gone. But the 2 girls remained silent as it was their secret.
One fine day, news was spreading in the village. Rumors said that in the forest, the was an evil witch named Tasha living in a cottage. No one had seen the cottage before, because they said if anyone get there,Tasha, the evil witch would catch and kill them for food. The girls were thankful that when they were at the cottage, the evil witch was not around.
The girls wanted to go to the cottage again but they were afraid about the cruel witch. But still, they wanted to go to the cottage. The next day, the girls had gone secretly to the cottage. They did not tell their mothers about the trip to the forest. You know why?
duh~ I've told you before, it was their secret!
Not far away in the forest, someone saw the 2 girls and followed them. She was Jihah, the village lady. She saw the strange faces of theirs and decided to follow them until she realized that they were heading towards the cottage.
The two brave girls, entered the cottage slowly with a bucket full of hopes that the evil witch, Tasha will not be inside. Yeah right. The evil witch was not there. And so, the girls ate the sweets without noticing the lady had entered the house. Out of the blue, the lady ate the sweets and food, joining the girls.
" ARGHHH!!!" screamed the 2 girls.

They were scared that the lady might be the evil witch! But you see, Jihah, the village lady, she just continued eating all the cookies. After quite sometimes, she then, revealed the true story of the house. I mean the cottage.
" Actually, I was the one who spread the rumors because I'd noticed that someone had came to the cottage and ate some parts of it."
and so, the girls knew just by then that the lady, was the one who made the sweet cottage.
The girls were relieved and enjoyed eating cookies with the lady.

The End