haptic love , haptic heart.

we all have something in common.
that something may lead on having happiness on our way.
but not all of our deeds will seems good in people's eye.
different perspective of people is the thing that we have to embrace and face it without any options.

Love is such word, defines thousand meanings. One could swear his love upon a glimmering star. Yet, it is
nowhere. Disappear...
What life taught me is, love was never been visible for we know how to act. Hypocrisy.. A heart is enough
to tell. Spoken to our soul since the first breath, the first beat. Furthermore, honesty is the heart's policy. However,
what we call naive, is the true feeling. Even though it's immature still, It's what the real emotion feel.
Hesitation always clouding our very self. That's the way it is though.

The day we spent, we talked about love, my aficionado. It shall be the memoir. Nevertheless, it's just a dream. Never written on the diary. Never happened..

Can you meet me halfway? Aren't the signs shown to you? The way I breathe, suffocated. The way I stare
form across the block. Damn it, you're so good. You leave me froze in bed. You walk away from the fantasies
that I've created. At the end, desperately. I've to admit. You were just a name on the letter. You were just a darling cause of this heart shattered . After all, how could I trust my self? Everything seems so right. Endless mistakes I've done.
Still, I'll wait... Hoping, It's all coming back to me.. Returning, my missing heart.
Can you meet me halfway?
credit to: A R U M I :)

today, i learnt many valuable lessons. lessons that i couldnt have learn anywhere else.
first it was a lesson of friendship.
jIejie my friend, welcomed us to her home at Putrajaya. We've planned this about a week ago but i never thought this would even came to be true.
the are no problems at the beginning, but later,
we have to change our schedule from coming on Thursday to the day after, Friday.

Awin, soulmate of Farna ( No comment~)
couldnt join us that day, how dissapointed she is. Well, were on the same boat.
She have problems that I think way too complicated for a 15th years old girl to decide on.
I really hope that Allah brought happiness back to her family.

Hmm.. Syidah?
Ok, ( Theyre all sleeping right now. It is 2 o'clock in the morning. Gud morning people!! )

People said early bird catches the worm.

ha3 but this is wayyyyyyy to early even 4 a bird to wake right?
sorry... g la tido balek~

tasha my soulmate.
she did something that gave me this special sisterly-love feeling for her.

and Farna. Just go and sleep budak!
am i scared writing this alone. haha a bit
i'll write again about the lessons..
syidahman is sleeping so quiet next to me,
wah!!! why didnt i felt sleepy right now?

am i having problems??

ok i am.

( i'm back. writing this 4 days later. haha sorry lmbt. )

do you know something? people change really fast. same with me.
i changed. i hope dat this changes will brought happiness to others.

dear umi and abi, i'm sorry if i cannot be a gud and loving daughter of urs,
dear friends, i'm sorry if i am not a really much of a friend lately,
dear teachers, i am sorry if i cannot be a student that u hope me so,

dear everyone, i'm sorry if i ever hurt all of u in anyway. i didnt mean to, but if i do.
i really hope dat u'll forgive me.

Raise my hand , up on my shadow. Scare?
Thinking how far I will go,
Praise to Allah for how we met,
A friend in need is hard to get,

Loving you my sun,
Knowing you by chance,
Nothing get me better, hoping you're mine,
Walking with my heart, we're always be apart,
But the faith we've brought together,
Bring my memori

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