if Bella swan is a newborn vampire
then you can called me a newborn blogger
except that the fact I'm not that new... and I'm only be blogging if I have time.

YES! Ramadhan have already begun~!!!
Dear guys..

First Ramadhan was actually my birthday! ( if u noticed ^-^)
and so..... I am 16!! and dat is really sumthing 2 be proud of
guess what? I had the best memory celebrating it at SAMURA
serously.. thnx guys for putting a really nice show :D

really appreciate it.

yeah well life goes on...
and things really went different in Ramadhan
know what?!

i got sleepier each day..he3 :p
and of course the teachers.. always calling my name~
haha i'm quite famous though 4 a sec
eventually the habit went off just like
the dust.. disseappear~ out of nowhere

yeah u guessed it. it's because Raya's holiday are near!!!!
only one week.. or more to go
i was so excited~

1 SYAWAL!!!!!!


it was the best feeling ever~!
but we're kind of not fond of celebrating it at our new home.
who does?

let's stop that story. hate it!

okay this year's theme is PINK!
gahh hahaha
wanna see my bro wear pink?

of course boys ( except my younger bro) hate pink!
we had argued about this theme for almost 3 years
my sis, me and my adik
really want to wear pink
but as u see.. my so-prasan-macho abang
hated pink
he thinks pink is for girl
well that is so not true!!
than what colour resemble boys?
black? blue? duhhh~ lame..

whateva that is but the problem was solved the way I.. opss WE wanted it so.
and that makes almost everyone happy

yeahh so much for the break

ZZZzzzzz....... hoh urghhhh! (woke ) STUDYYYYY..!

supposed I'd do that if I'm 'awake' to have know that FINAL is only 2 weeks in row!
babe~ it's just around the corner lahh
and I'm still fooling aroud!!!!!
what's wrong with me!!

GAHHhh.. i'm helpless

still. i'm thinking of maybe there will be a miracle! to happen..
yeaah so much of day dreaming..
sometimes i even wished that I was born to be somekind of
a gig-o-GENIUSE

to be continued..